Propane tank monitor

Is there anything that anyone uses to monitor there propane tanks with the little dial gauge on them? Maybe something using wifi?

Huh. This is an interesting project. I don’t know about plumbing gauges, but have you considered a WiFi scale or pressure plate? There are some Bluetooth scales that seem okay. None that I know of use signee or z-wave.

This does seem like something that could be ginned up with an arduino or RPi…

Ive seen some of the scales but i need it for the big tanks at houses not the little small bbq grill tanks.

Wink had one many years ago

At the risk of hijacking the OP’s thread… did that Quirky one integrate with SmartThings?

So… I’ve been using my wink refuel for a couple of years now and love it. I just officially left wink yesterday due to their new fee based model. Does anyone know if there refuel uses zigbee or zwave? Also has anyone written any handlers to get it to work on Smartthings? I’d really love to still use it if I can. Also I see another o e on the web that appears to be a standalone company (flame king smart propane scale). Any info is appreciated.