Rough Times at Quirky

Unfortunately, I don’t know what I’d do if I had 10 of them even. Maybe put them in the couches as presence sensors or something.

neat. is it possible to get that to work with ST? i have encountered the surprise empty tank before

It is possible and we should see it soon.

Do you think the vibration of a backup generator would render the weight measurement of the tank invalid? (If used on a generator instead of a BBQ)

It actually sends updates when vibrated and sleeps when still. It would probably drain the battery due to constantly sending data during vibration. I just tested by vibrating and kept sending updates.

Probably pretty easy to hack a power source onto it.

Wonders if this would work for Kegs? Just to know when they are getting low, Would be a neat add on for my Kegerator.


You should submit that to Quirky. Call it Rebeer! :wink:

OOhh… where did you see that? I could use a couple of them… We have a propane tank under the grill that is always running out half way through a steak. And there’s a spare in the storage shed which we try to keep full for emergy/ earthquake supplies.

I’d pay $10 for one of these --$100 for a set? no.

Want to buy one for me? I was going to get one for my Dad’s Grill for the holidays but my Home Depot stopped carrying them.

I actually like mine. I’m not sure if it’s working perfectly but it puts some of my grill anxiety to rest.


Is this in beta or something? Love to get this working with my Smartthings.

…hopefully it will come sooner than the MIMOLite devicetype?

…or the Kegerweightor

(Sounds just like Elma Fudd saying Kegerator - or Kripke from The Big Bang Theory for the Gen Y crowd).


I have a three-keg system and this would be awesome.