Rough Times at Quirky

(Kristopher Kubicki) #1

Unfortunately, I don’t know what I’d do if I had 10 of them even. Maybe put them in the couches as presence sensors or something.

(Joe) #2

neat. is it possible to get that to work with ST? i have encountered the surprise empty tank before

(Todd Wackford) #3

It is possible and we should see it soon.

(DLee) #4

Do you think the vibration of a backup generator would render the weight measurement of the tank invalid? (If used on a generator instead of a BBQ)

(Todd Wackford) #5

It actually sends updates when vibrated and sleeps when still. It would probably drain the battery due to constantly sending data during vibration. I just tested by vibrating and kept sending updates.

(Kristopher Kubicki) #6

Probably pretty easy to hack a power source onto it.

(Bernie H) #7

Wonders if this would work for Kegs? Just to know when they are getting low, Would be a neat add on for my Kegerator.

(Todd Wackford) #8

You should submit that to Quirky. Call it Rebeer! :wink:

(Wallace McClure) #9

OOhh… where did you see that? I could use a couple of them… We have a propane tank under the grill that is always running out half way through a steak. And there’s a spare in the storage shed which we try to keep full for emergy/ earthquake supplies.

I’d pay $10 for one of these --$100 for a set? no.

(Elliot Justin) #10

Want to buy one for me? I was going to get one for my Dad’s Grill for the holidays but my Home Depot stopped carrying them.

I actually like mine. I’m not sure if it’s working perfectly but it puts some of my grill anxiety to rest.

(Elliot Justin) #11


Is this in beta or something? Love to get this working with my Smartthings.


…hopefully it will come sooner than the MIMOLite devicetype?

(Chuckles) #13

…or the Kegerweightor

(Sounds just like Elma Fudd saying Kegerator - or Kripke from The Big Bang Theory for the Gen Y crowd).

(Bryan) #14

I have a three-keg system and this would be awesome.