Quick question regarding Harmony functionality (UK)

Hi all,

I am really confused regarding Harmony integration with ST.
I am resided in EU and have the UK version of the hub.

I want to buy some harmony equipment that will allow me to:

  1. Operate my air condition machines based on ST events or remotely.
  2. Create scenarios like: If ST event then turn on TV and switch to specific input.

I know it can be done, but can you please tell me what would the cheapest way to do that?

Thanks a lot in advance

Bump. Anyone?

For ‘mood setting’ with Harmony, you could go with Logitech+SmartThings Hub+connected lights or fibaro/aeon switch relay.

I can’t speak for the AC, I’m actually trying to figure this one out for myself… not sure if my old POS Frigidaire will respond to IR commands, but it will make my life magical if/when I get it working.

See link here: https://support.myharmony.com/en-us/compatibility