ST, Ubi, Harmony Ultimate

(Longhorn84) #1

Before I drop $350 on the Harmony Ultimate, has anyone tested a scenario with Ubi, Harmony, and ST? For example, “ok ubi, let’s watch a movie” and then it dims lights, turns A/V to movie? I think it sounds awesome but I hate to jump on the band wagon this early in the game unless someone has had a flawless experience with it?

(Eric V) #2

I don’t think that “flawless experience” and the current realm of home automation ever end up in the same sentence.

That being said, as long as Ubi can trigger a “Hello, Home” action (which is sounds like it does), then the rest of the stuff should be doable per this post:

(Edward Pope) #3

Yes this will work. However the issue that I have is currently with ubi and the fact that it recognizes phrases as commands from the TV.

(Longhorn84) #4

You mean it randomly picks up the TV and tries to respond?

(Edward Pope) #5

That is correct, although I have two UBI"s I choose not to use them in the TV areas, because it will respond during the show etc.

(Christopher Masiello) #6

If you’re relying on Ubi to do anything right at all, you are jumping the gun. It’s buggier than a porch light on a summer evening.

(DLee) #7

And while I can see the Harmony Actions in ST, nothing currently happens when I execute any of them except the “power off” action. I apparently need to start over on authorizing Smarthings through Harmony. This will be the third time when I finally get around to trying to fix.

(Longhorn84) #8

That’s true, although my basic functions like “turn off the lights”, if I enunciate very clearly, work pretty well. It seems to take basic commands and work with ST pretty well but I just wondered if someone had a working model of the three items I mentioned and could speak to it’s usefulness.

(Edward Pope) #9

Not having that problem here, then my rooms are quiet and the command phrases I have chosen are short and sweet. They do not overlap other than actions like on or off. Example, bedroom lights on (turns on all lights in bedroom). Replace on with off or Out. And it works for me. Just keep it simple. Also have you tried the Ubi App? It works very well, and allows you to use the UBI service for HA if your UBI doesn’t understand you directly. They have stated that they are working on updating the Microphone drivers, as they feel that is the area where they are having a problem with the voice recognition.