Queston about ST Recently Alert with Schlage Connect


I have a Schlange Connect that is setup with my ST hub. Just wondering could the alert be giving out the wrong info on the ST app? The other day my renter came home and I noticed that when he entered the house i got an alert saying “Front Door was manually unlocked” instead of saying “Front Door was unlocked with code 1” which is the code I gave him to use. I am a bit concerned cause it seems like the only way to entered the house with a “manually unlocked” is with a key which in my case he does not have one.

Just wondering if he found a way to enter the house without using his code meaning that he using a key. Reason why im concerned is that he is moving at of my house at the end of the month. I was planning on removing the code I gave him to use while he was staying at the house. Or was a one time glitch on the app? I have even seen this before, and I know for sure he was not inside the house when the alert came in that day. Thanks

any chance a significant other or someone was inside the house to unlock it via the deadbolt?

No cause I live alone, and I was the last person to leave the house that day so no one was home when I left for the day… The Schlange Connect I got only came with one key and it is on my keychain with my other keys. My keychain is place on a key rail in the living room which he has access to. I am hoping it was a glitch in the app cause it has only happen one time. Last night i tested it out, I went out and came back in using the key to unlock it and my app alert me saying that “Front Door was manually unlocked” What else could it be beside using the key (from the outside)?