Schlage Lock reporting lock codes

I have a Schlage Lock, lever type. Got it paired and reporting on ST. It currently unlocks when code entered, reports to SM correctly, lock then auto locks (not reported), and will not report another unlock code until I press the Lock button (which sends a report to ST).
So if I unlock on code 1, lock then autolocks, leave…and return…I will not get another entry.
Others seen this?

thanks jim

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I have seen similar issues with my Yale touchscreen deadbolt. ST will see when I lock/unlock the door via touch pad, whether i unlock the door via the thumb turn, but will not register if i locked the door with the thumb turn. It wont report back anything until i send an action back to it such as "lock the damn door’ since the ST dashboard shows it as unlocked…when it isnt. they need better integration with these smart locks IMO.

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Ok quick update…seems it takes sometime before the Locked status is seen after the autolock locks the door.

I ma noticing in Activity log, the lock code is shown when unlocking, then at some time later…I have seen >10 minutes, then a locked status is recorded.

I just would have thought the autolock when fired, would be like me manually hitting the lock button.sending an immediate lock status.


I had the same issue when I first installed the door lock. I swapped a zigbee plug near the door with a zwave one (both were just controlling lights), and lock status updated much faster. I’ve been told the fact that the locks are battery powered means they often benefit from having another zwave device nearby to act as a repeater. Not sure if that’s true, but the additional zwave device in that area made a big difference for us.