Question around Cloud or Local execution location

In a system with a SmartThings Hub v3 I have experienced a lot of “incidents” where a simple activity like opening a door to turn on a light sometimes takes a really long time (seen 5-25 sec delays) before the light come on after the door is opened. See a lot of threads in here with similar problems on v1 and v2 hubs.

But could a way to get around this delays be to first use a custom Device Type Handler to set all the configuration on the devices and then change it to “general” Z-Wave devices.

This to move the ‘execution location’ from Cloud to Local. Given that all customer DTH have cloud as execution location.

Are there any down sides of changing from a custom DTH to a “general” Z-Wave device handler, yes you can’t configure the device anymore but shouldn’t it keep the settings done before changing from DTH to Z-Wave?

You can try it and see if it helps. In most cases with zwave devices you are correct, that once the configuration is set it is saved in the firmware of the device itself, so changing the DTH doesn’t usually change those settings.

I would also run a Z wave repair to see if that improves things.

If you have the classic app, you can run it from the app:

Otherwise you will have to run it from the IDE.

Yes and no. It depends on the device and the how the handler is written. When you switches handlers it calls the update routines. For the most it should retain the settings but in some cases e.g. ZigBee you may lose certain customizations.