Sequential turn-on script

Hey All, I’m a newbee at this. I would like to set up a switch in my house where when i trigger the switch, about 20 things happen, but I want them to happen about 1 second apart. I don’t want them to all go on at once. How do I go about doing this?


You might be able to use Rule Machine to do this. You’d end up with a separate trigger for each device, each with it’s own delay time. Generally speaking, the exact sequence with 1 second timing is very unlikely to be perfect – things might happen out of sequence due to lag both in the cloud and your mesh networks.

Do all of the actions have to go through the cloud? I guess I’m not familiar with the total architecture of the system. Is all of the programming kept on the cloud as opposed to being within the hub itself? That seems a little more complex than it has to be.

One app, Smart Lighting, runs local on hub v2. Everything else runs in the cloud. Even so, z-wave mesh can easily cost 1 second, and order of event delivery over the mesh is not guaranteed.

SmartThings is a very complex system. One could debate endlessly if it’s more complex that is has to be. It is what it is.

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