Question about smartthings

Hi, I was looking for a home automation that support windows phone, where I can control the switches, look at camera image, receive notification of motion sensors, etc.
ST seems to fit what I was looking for but I have some questions that I could not find the answers for.

  1. I see ST can “talk” thru “Sonos” but how that is done? Can I select an audio file to play in certain event? How that will work with the hub? Is that something my phone will be responsible to do (hope not otherwise it will not work if certain phone is not around) or the hub will take care of it?
  2. How is the camera support? Will I be able to see the camera image on my phone?
  3. If I have Z-Wave devices I’m assuming I could use the Hub for most of the things and have another Z-Wave controller to cover the other things that I may want to do but it is not supported on ST hub. Is that correct?

I will appreciate any help here, so I can finally decide what solution to go. My other option is Insteon as it also support windows phone but it is limited on the devices available.

  1. Yes you can play any file if you add it to your sonos queue (and keep it there). The library where the file is stored just has to be available (computer, NAS). There are also stock sounds that are in the cloud that always work. As well as text to speech that always works.
  2. I believe drop cam is the only one that is working right now, yes you can see the image on your phone
  3. If you are asking about z wave devices you are not even going to pair to ST, then sure. If you are talking about secondary controllers. Check out this thread.
  1. Depends. If its a song in your Sonos queue then the hub just tell is to grab that song. If its in the favorites list then SmartThings just tells the Sonos to play that station. The streaming of songs and stuff is still on the sonos. For text to speech we just use the Google API and translate it to mp3 then stream it to your hub. Your phone is not part of the streaming process.

  2. It’s pretty bad right now. Just snap shots with a Dropcam. It will get a lot better in around Q2.

  3. Two hubs isn’t fully impossible;e but it just kinda depends on the two hubs and the sensors.