Is it possible to control another Z-Wave hub (Piper NV) with ST Hub?

I’ve just ordered a Smartthings Hub 2.0 and am working on a video monitoring solution. One of the primary requirements is that it needs to look not-too-bad – good enough to pass the spouse’s muster. I’m considering the Piper NV, but that device is also a z-wave hub. Is it possible to control one z-wave hub with another? Can the Smartthings Hub recognize and control another z-wave hub just like a z-wave device?

…And while I’ve got your attention, any other thoughts on video monitoring. Good/decent looks and audio are a priority; battery-powered preferred.


Not really no. Hub/Controllers are generally no designed to communicate with each other. I’m guessing what you want is to be able to use ST hub to talk to the Piper NV to talk to security cameras, yes?

This would be a specialized case and would need collaboration from ST and Piper. Honestly, you’d probably have FAR more success doing a cloud-to-cloud communication vs. Z-wave hub to z-wave hub.

I have piper and you can’t integrate it with ST right now. Highly doubt it anytime soon.
You can read this post about integrated camera

Try looking at Netatmo Welcome Camera. It’s early in its development and there is no direct support from ST but it looks very nonchalant and has IFTTT support (beta) so you can use ST virtual switches with it.

Fellas, Thanks for the feedback, tips, and resources. Will definitely check out some of the options you recommended.

Has anyone build a SmartDevice to work with the Netatmo welcome camera? thx

I saw a Piper to Smart Things Applet in IFTTT, but I don’t think you can see Piper’s video feed in ST app. I just bought ST and I have the first gen Piper, so looking forward to hook them up.