Cree Connected Bulb - On/Off Status when Turned On or Off Manually

(Bryan) #1

I’m looking for a solution to get a Cree Connected Bulb’s status updated when the light is turned on or off manually. i.e. via a wall switch.




On the surface of it one would thing that if the light was on it should update it’s status in the app. You might have to hit the refresh button to get it to do so however.

On the other hand if you rob the light of power i.e. Turning off the wall switch I don’t see any way for the bulb to power its radio to update anything. I suspect the state in smartthings would stay whatever it was before the switch was turned off and the Zigbee radio lost power.

(Bryan) #3

I understand that if power is cut at the switch then the bulb can’t report, but it would be nice if the hub would poll on a regular basis.

I would normally use a switch or plug-in to control the lamp, but in this case, I’m using it in a lamp that holds two bulbs, each controlled by a pull chain. I want to use one as a security light, so I really can’t switch the entire lamp.

My issue may be alleviated to some extent. I was of the impression that when an “off” command was ordered, the hub would not send it if it thought the device was already off. Either that’s not the case anymore, or I was wrong to start with. I have found that I can you a routine such as “Good Night” to turn the bulb off, even if the hub already thinks it’s off. Not perfect, but maybe close enough.


Yeah it will. I have a couple of devices that sometimes refuse to update their status in the app. It doesn’t however keep routines from ordering the devices off or on.