Question about new Arlo integration

correct, active/inactive is the state of the switch (as in surveillance state)

is there a way to make it so that when i arm the SMH it wil activate the sensors?

No, you need an app to turn the switches on, I use CoRE.

I think the answer to your question is to include your inside camera into SHM, so if it’s breached the alarm goes off, but don’t include the outside camera facing the door into SHM, but just leave it active on it’s own within the SmartThings app, I think that’s it.

Yes you can, in the Routines for Goodbye, set the Arlo cameras you want to turn on under the "Turn on these light or switches"
Then set the “Turn off these lights or switches” in the I’m back routine.

Then under SHM define which you want to be used as motion detectors that trigger alarms.

Step by Step instructions for setting up.

  1. In smartthings link to your Arlo account by adding Arlo cameras and entering your ARlo account and password
  2. You will be given a list of camera you wish to add, select all of the cameras you want and then add.
  3. By default the cameras are set to active, this means they will detect motion and record video even when smartthings is disarmed. Go to Things and set each Arlo camera to inactive.
  4. Configure SHM to use whichever Arlo motion sensors you want to trigger an alarm. For me I have 3 that are internal that I want to trigger but I also have 2 external that I dont want to trugger the alarm. So I have added the 3 I want to trigger to SHM and left out the 2 I dont want to.
  5. Configure the routine for Goodbye and select the switches you want to turn ON when away is selected, select all the Arlo cameras (including the ones you didnt include in SHM)
  6. Configure the routine for I’m back and select the switches you want to turn OFF when you are back. Select all the Arlo cameras.
  7. Go into Arlo through the ARLO app and go into Mode, there is now a new Smartthings mode, click edit mode and configure all the cameras as you want them when they are armed, so if you want motion detection and what to do with regards to video recording and duration and also notification.
  8. Make sure that Smartthings mode is selected and active in the Arlo application.
  9. Test it

That should be it, works for me. This should activate all your Arlo cameras when you arm your smartthings, only the cameras configured in SHM will trigger an alarm, the ones not in SHM will still alert (if you set them to alert in Arlo app) and record video but they wont set off the alarm. For the ones set up in SHM they will trigger the alarm, notify and record.
When you disarm smartthings the arlo cameras should be set to inactive to conserve battery.


Great explanation.

All I’m missing is a future update that allows an Arlo to record when the garden gate opens.

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I believe that you should be able to link a sensor so whenever it gets triggered…the camera starts recording


@hirsti great explanation. One point is a little unclear to me. You describe under #4 to configure SHM to use which Arlo motion sensor you want to use. Did you setup it up in “SHM Security” settings or in “SHM Custom”. What I saw is it possible to check the Arlo in the security Camera settings or as a Motion Sensor in the SHM Custom rules.

And a second question, is my understanding correct, if I set it up like described above, I will get only notified by Arlo app or both Arlo and Smartthings?


@Joern You can configure in SHM security or as a SHM custom as both have the ability to configure Arlo cameras as motion sensors and configure what to do when they are triggered. By default.I believe you will be alerted by both if you have both configured.
If you don’t want Arlo to record or notify, then log in to the Arlo app and edit the smartthings mode and turn off recordings and notifications for each camera. If you don’t want smartthings to record or notify then go into the SHM mode you are using and configure to not record or notify. Be careful though as the notification is for all Security or custom events and not just the motion detected. There is a thread on this forum that talks about this in depth and allows more granularity to the smartthings configuration using rooms. Please note also there is a major bug with the smartthings/arlo integration. Even though the cameras are inactive in smartthings the motion detectors and infra red are still turned on thus depleting battery. The only way to completely turn them off is to change the mode in the Arlo app to disarmed, however they then won’t work with smartthings

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This is incorrect. If you turn the cameras “off” in SmartThings, it turns it off in the Arlo app too. The battery consumption will be the same. Also, it is suggested that you don’t edit the SmartThings mode in the Arlo app. If you do not want recordings or notifications, just turn the camera off from within SmartThings.

Since the Camera’s SmartThings definition contains the capability “Switch”, you can automate the turning on/off like any light switch or outlet. This can be done with mode changes, routines and or the many, many apps that ere available.


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Sorry this isn’t incorrect, this is confirmed by arlo support. They report as being off in Smartthings and arlo but they are still on. Try it, you will see them light up on motion

I don’t. When you look at cameras in Arlo app, do you see the black screen with the message saying that cam is off?

What if I don’t want double notifications or double recordings? I have set mine up to no recording in Arlo with push notification. I disabled Arlo’s push notification on my phone, but still see the recordings on Arlo app and ST. Anyway to eliminate the doubles?

Yes I get that screen in arlo app and I dont get motion notifications however in the dark the ir red of the cameras fire up on motion. Like I said, netgear have checked it on their system and confirm they get the same and have escalated to their Dev team

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Ok, super strange. Here is the thing, not seeing the red leds light up at night has been my indication that the cam is not on.

What are the firmware versions on your Netgear gateway and camera?

Good thinking, here are mine for comparison:


The issue I think is with Arlo as it happens outside of Smartthings as well.

Here is the link to an explaination on the arlo community.

My arlo details are:

arlo hub = 1.7.5_6178
arlo camera = 1.2.4941

My Smartthings details are:

hubcoreVersion: 000.015.00003

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Please go into the camera’s device edit screen in ST and set Night Vision to “Off” and then tap “done”. Do the IR lights still come on?