Question about new Arlo integration

Step by Step instructions for setting up.

  1. In smartthings link to your Arlo account by adding Arlo cameras and entering your ARlo account and password
  2. You will be given a list of camera you wish to add, select all of the cameras you want and then add.
  3. By default the cameras are set to active, this means they will detect motion and record video even when smartthings is disarmed. Go to Things and set each Arlo camera to inactive.
  4. Configure SHM to use whichever Arlo motion sensors you want to trigger an alarm. For me I have 3 that are internal that I want to trigger but I also have 2 external that I dont want to trugger the alarm. So I have added the 3 I want to trigger to SHM and left out the 2 I dont want to.
  5. Configure the routine for Goodbye and select the switches you want to turn ON when away is selected, select all the Arlo cameras (including the ones you didnt include in SHM)
  6. Configure the routine for I’m back and select the switches you want to turn OFF when you are back. Select all the Arlo cameras.
  7. Go into Arlo through the ARLO app and go into Mode, there is now a new Smartthings mode, click edit mode and configure all the cameras as you want them when they are armed, so if you want motion detection and what to do with regards to video recording and duration and also notification.
  8. Make sure that Smartthings mode is selected and active in the Arlo application.
  9. Test it

That should be it, works for me. This should activate all your Arlo cameras when you arm your smartthings, only the cameras configured in SHM will trigger an alarm, the ones not in SHM will still alert (if you set them to alert in Arlo app) and record video but they wont set off the alarm. For the ones set up in SHM they will trigger the alarm, notify and record.
When you disarm smartthings the arlo cameras should be set to inactive to conserve battery.