Question about battery smart switches

I know philips hue makes a battery operated smart switch, lutton makes a knob that goes over a switch & Sylvania makes a battery operated zigbee switch but what i cant find is a zigbee battery rocker switch tyat goes over dumb rocker switch. I couldnt replace my dining room switches with smart ones so i was gonna put in smart lights but i was trying to avoid adding a fake switch & taping the others so they are not used. Something tells me that type of smart rocker switch doesnt exist. Thanks.

It exists for Z wave in the US, made by ecolink. I don’t know any other switches of that form, though.

These both work the same way, by physically moving the dumb switch underneath the smart switch cover. So there’s no wiring required.

For Zigbee, third reality makes one but it looks like a button, not a traditional rocker switch, and my understanding from your comments in another thread is that you didn’t want something like that.


Maybe the Hue Wall Switch could work for this?

The issue with the hue wall switch is that it doesn’t actually control the current to the fixture, it’s just a radio device. So it’s intended to be used with smart bulbs.

Since the OP said that they can’t use smart bulbs in these particular fixtures, that’s probably not going to work for this particular use case. You would have to add a smart Relay of some kind on the circuit branch as well, probably. Not impossible, but a lot more work than just a switch replacement. :thinking:

The smart switch covers fit over the existing switch and physically move it, which is why you don’t have to change the wiring and they can work with dumb lights.