ZigBee battery powered relay

I’d like to be be able to control battery powered devices with a battery powered ZigBee device. For example, battery powered Christmas decorations controlled via ZigBee where routing mains power is not feasible. I don’t want the ZigBee device to power the battery powered devices, merely to operate a switch to close their own open battery powered circuit.
Anything that fits this bill. I appreciate some low voltage wiring would be needed.

No relays that I know of, most of the time a device that can be turned on and off from the network would use up too much battery power just listening for the next network command to meet mass-market requirements.

One possibility might be a switchbot button pusher. This uses Bluetooth to their own mini hub and then has an integration for smartthings. They work quite well. So as long as your battery powered decoration, either has a button or can be rigged with one, that might be an option.

There are also a couple of light switch covers, one Zigbee, and one zwave, that will physically move the switch underneath. So you would have to add a regular toggle light switch to the battery power decoration and then you could use one of those. If you’re interested in that, let us know, and I’ll post the links for the devices.

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I was aware of switchbot but I don’t want another hub or the clunkiness of it.
I guess there’s no option , I get the point about battery life a having to be in listen mode which possibly makes it not a feasible option.