Battery operated button/switch for single gang box?


I have been searching for a smart button that can be installed in the wall gang box to use as an on/off non-wired switch for lamps with some sengled light bulbs. I found the below but it controls the outlet, not the bulb.

I use the adurosmart remote

Sure, there are several devices of this type, although some look much more like buttons than regular switches.

Zwave or Zigbee devices that communicate to the SmartThings hub.

These are the easiest to use with smartthings, although they will require that the hub be operating in order for them to function. There are at least a half a dozen of these, maybe more. Again, some look just like a wall switch, some look like a button.

For example, although the ecolink toggle is designed to fit over an existing dumb switch, it can be installed without one.

The Eaton Cooper Anyplace Switch is zwave and is designed to look exactly like their regular switches. It comes in several different styles and colors.

Or there are some zigbee button devices like the one @Automated_House mentioned.

You can find all of these and more listed in the buttons FAQ. The FAQ includes both mains powered and battery powered devices, so read the descriptions carefully.

In most cases, the post will include a link to a discussion thread about that particular device.

The FAQ is only intended to have one or two posts per device. So if you have any questions about devices which are listed there, please do not add them to the FAQ or it getS too cluttered. Instead, either go to the discussion thread which is linked for that device, or come back here and ask your question. Thanks!

FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings

I have read conflicting information on the Adurosmart remote you mentioned. Can you tell me if this can be installed in a multi-gang wall plate? I have an empty hole that I would like to use this switch to fill.

I use it exactly as you mentioned. I had an extra space in my 4 gang wall plate. Adurosmart includes a magnetic mount that goes behind the switch plate.

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Is there a custom dth for this that I need to install?

No. Works out of the box.

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I bought 1 to start with. It works well but doesn’t show battery status. Any ideas?

mine doesn’t either :man_shrugging:

@tpmanley what’s the proper way to report bugs for third party devices that the company integrated via their own PR to github? Should bugs be reported to ST support or to the company?

@Automated_House It’s best to first report those types of issues to the company. Adurosmart has been good about fixing issues in the DTHs that affect their products. They had a few recent PRs but they don’t appear to have touched battery status for the button.