Query: Notify when light is (still) on at a specific TIME of day

(Daniel B) #1

Is there an existing app or way to get notified when a light (or switch) is on at a specific time of day? For example, I want to be notified if my living room lamp is still on at 11:00PM.

I saw that there is an app that will tell me if a light has been on for a specific amount of time (e.g., living room lamp has been on for 4 hours). This is not what I’m looking for.

Please pardon if this has already been asked and answered elsewhere. I did a search, but didn’t find anything.


Notification when switches are left on after departing

You can’t schedule down to the exact second in the smart things installation, but you can get within about five minutes. And typically within one minute. So you could schedule something to run every night at 11 PM and check that switch and it should have run by 1105, usually a little earlier.

If that meets your needs, then there are different ways to approach exactly what gets checked.

I depend on text-to-speech software, so it’s very hard for me to read the actual code that is used in smartthings. I’m just not sure if you can poll a switch for its on/off state. @tgauchat or one of the other expert ST coders who do a lot with schedules should know if that’s easy.

Even if it’s not, there are other ways to check it.

So it just depends on the exact details of what you need. But the general concept should be very doable.

(John S) #3

This is totally doable in a Smart App. Not sure there is any base capability of doing it just using the SmartThings phone app.

(Morgan) #4

Is there already a Smart App out there? I would like to check if a door sensor is open/closed at a certain time and say something through Sonos if it is open.


I use @JoeC rule builder to check if the door is unlocked in the morning and send me a notification. (Kids forget to lock the door when they leave) This should be able to do the same for lights and other Things.

Edit: Here’s the link. https://www.simplerulebuilder.com/

(Eric R) #6

You could also use SmartRules to accomplish this if you don’t want to code anything.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #7

So, you want to run a daily function at 11pm?

Subscribe to the lights you want to check.

Function gets called at 11pm and that function checks the status of lights and if on, send notification?

Seems pretty straight forward.

Do you want to write this app? Have someone write if for you? Or want to see if its in the system already?

I’d be more then happy to help you write this app. I’m not sure if something like this exists, I just like writing specific SmartApps that do what I want instead of using built in stuff :smile:

(Daniel B) #8

I installed the SmartRules app and it’s letting me do what I set out to do. Thanks for the heads up, @baldeagle072.