Notification when switches are left on after departing

I spent a lot of time trying to set up an automated notification when lights/devices are left on after departing. For example:
My son leaves his light and tv on a lot. The light is connected to a z wave light switch and the TV is plugged in to an plugged in type of switch. I want to be notified between the hours of 8am and 4pm if those switches are still on with both my wife’s phone and mine away. The only SmartApp I could find remotely close to this is one to turn off the switches, or one to notify if a sensor is left open (door, window). I want one to simply notify me when a switch is left on when we are in an away mode, between 8am and 4pm. Please help!

To my knowledge, there is no app that notifies when switches are left on, however, there are several threads discussing quick options to get this done. Your choices are to write your own app or to use Smart Rules. Here are some of the threads related to this subject:

@SBDOBRESCU Thank you. This whole rule writing thing could/should be a bit easier. I feel like I am trying to write an Excel macro and wishing basic words/terms were used. I really wish that Smartthings at least provided a platform to easily write rules using basics terms instead of techy ones, which a more advanced knowledge in coding vebage is needed. I have tried the Rule site to try and create some rules however, the option to be notified when the power of a switch, such as the Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS - Z-Wave Smart-Energy-Switch exceeds a particular level. I prefer not having the switch automatically turn off and on because when the switch powers back on, the TV automatically comes on. Therefore, I would like to simply be notified when the wattage gets to a certain level, which would tell me that not only is the switch on, but the tv plugged in to it is actually on. Make sense? Anyaway, thanks again. Your response is much appreciated.

I hear you, I wish ST would provide a native rule builder too, but it is what it is. Your use case above can be fairly easy set up exactly the way you wanted, if you don’t mind copying/pasting code in IDE. There is an app used to notify users when the laundry is done. What it does, is notifying users when the wattage gets to a certain level, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

I modified this app created by @keithcroshaw to turn on a virtual switch when a certain threshold is reached.

I then used @baldeagle072’s pushbullet app to send me a notification whenever the virtual switch is turned on.

Thanks for the shoutout! Glad someone is getting use out of it.

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