Qubino PWM Thermostat

I’ve had the ST for a few days and slowly working it all out down to the search facility here mainly.
I’m moving all my devices from a couple of Vera devices.

I have a Qubino PWM flush thermostat. It wasn’t working well on Vera, one of the main reasons for the move to ST.

I now have this devices added and working using the Stelpro Ki thermostat device file.
I can change the set point all well with the arrows, but i then have to press “Go” it seems to send the new set point through.
Is there any way to avoid this extra step? Up or down arrows changes the set point straight away?

i’m doing this so that automation will work better i think.

Hi there. Did you get this working by any chance. I’m looking at this thermostat to monitor my water cylinder and control it.

I never got any further unfortunately.
It does work, and reports the room temperature, but recently sending the SetPoints by automation has gone unreliable, not always taking effect. (Nothing else has changed except hub firmware)

If you can live with that, it’s great. The towel rail I have it in on has a nice varied output, sometimes a low surface temperature. Perfect.

It does only have a maximum power output of 200w. Will that be enough for a water heater?

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