Qubino Flush Thermostat ZMNHIA4

I have a Qubino Flush Thermostat ZMNHIA4, and I am trying to get a workable device handler for this device.
The only device handler I could find that works (sort of) is “Stelpro Ki Thermostat”. But with this device handler I can not set the temperature higher than 30deg Celsius. This thermostat is used for my geyser (boiler). I have replaced the conventional thermostat with the above mentioned, but because I can not get the high temp higher than 30deg Celsius, I have made another plan. I am only using it to read the temp then I use another relay to switch the geyser (boiler) on or of based on my rules.
Does any one know of a better device handler? My concern is that if my internet connection goes off while the relay is on, smartthings would not turn the geyser off, and it might burst.

Hello riaan
Did you have any luck with this? Ive also got one and cant seem to get it to work as ST recognizes it as an energy meter