Qubino Flush Pilot Wire

Hi there,
I just received a new Qubino Flush pilot Wire module (ZMNHJD1) to connect a heater.
The device is recognized as a Z-Wave Device Multichannel Device, but I can’t finf out a DH for this one. I already tried all qubino DH, with no success though.
I hope someone could help me with this one

The module is working as a dimmer, sending instructions throughout the pilot wire depending of the % :

  • 0 to 10 % complete stop
  • 51% to 100% confort temperature
    Here you can see schematics from the domotique-store.fr website.

Thanks a lot

that is an interesting device for implementing the “pilot wire” control standard in European? new housing. There are many versions of this device including others labeled “thermostat”. The temperature sensor input is not well described but is “digital” and 3wire like DS18B20, but the range is listed as slightly different, could be a mistake.

So does each heater have its own thermostatic control? Looks like it, if I understand the pilot-wire signalling. You could use the working dimmer-device-handler and drive it with Core routines.

Good luck implementing a thermostatic device handler.

@erocm1231 thanks for your reply . Yes it’s king of standard here.
There are different use cases, event with an external thermostat. The different schematics (sorry in French) can be found here.In my case the heater does have it’s own thermostatic sensor, but the command panel is manual and as the heater is in the bathroom, I only need it it work a few hours a day.
Unfortunately I did not find any working dimmer dh :frowning:

there are similar device handlers developed in other threads like

search “pilot wire”

Also, seems like a simple control scheme could use the standard device “Zwave Dimmer” and you drive that with Core.

Thanks Eric. I tried those, but with no luck… So all tried all avalaible zwave dimmer DH
Looks like the one called “Dimmer Switch” is communicating with the module. I mean when I change the dimmer, it looks like the instruction is accepted : no error reporting and the dimmer does not go back to zero.
Know it’s supposed to heat :slight_smile: I have to figure that out.

This device is specifically designed to work with “pilot wire” protocols, so it generally doesn’t behave as a normal Dimmer device. In general you’ve got 3 options with it that can also be trigerred via I1/I2/I3. Each input activation has a result of outputting a fixed voltage value.

If i recall correctly you can get the same functionality as per the inputs via setting the output slider to around 30%/60%/90%.


I bought the same Qubino Flush pilot Wire module (ZMNHJD1) but I can’t figure out how to use it to control a heater. @gregoiredore could you please tell me how did you do? Which DH it is for this model in particular (Qubino Flush pilot Wire module (ZMNHJD1) )?

Thank you ! :smiley:

Hi @JayFr
Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to find a working DH… so I installed a regular switch module (Fibaro FGS 212).
Best !

Arf… So sad. I tell you if I find a solution, thank you!

did anyone find a solution to this?