Z-Wave Thermostat and TRV Installation Project: help needed (UK hub, Egypt)

Hi, I’d like to be able to control this floor heating system (water gas heaters) through SmartThings.

Here’s my system:
2 water heaters (gas) attached picture
6 different zones, each with a separate, manual radiator knob control

I’d like to use Qubino Thermostat, either on/off or PWM, and I’d like to:

1- Keep the default heater thermostat if possible
2- Add Qubino Thermostat to it
3- Keep Qubino, default thermostat and radiator knobs all in sync

Can someone guide me as to how install this the right way

  1. what model smartthings hub do you have?

  2. what country are you in?

  3. what version of the SmartThings mobile app are you using, the classic or “smartthings (Samsung connect)“?

1- SmartThings UK v2 Hub.
2- I’m in Egypt, so 220v electricity if that matters.
3- I’m using the classic app for sure.

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That type of water heater looks like a fairly standard Tanks style water heater used in the US. I don’t think there is much you can do to control it with ST. However for your situation I think that is OK. Leave the water heaters alone with their internal temperature control. What you need to do is control the circulation pumps with your thermostats. When a pump come on and water temp in the tank drops the flame will come on automatically. I’ve seen small homes heated this way in Northern Wisconsin USA.

I’m not sure I would use a qubino relay just because you would have to locate the relay near where you want to know the temperature (in the room). You should be able to us a plain 220v relay for each pump, a 24volt transformer (or whatever voltage they use in Egypt for heating control systems), and zwave wall thermostats. locate the relays and transformer by the pumps and run small thermostat wire to each thermostat to power it and send signal to the relays controlling the pumps.