Qubino Flush Dimmer ZMNHDD1 inclusion issues

I am running the SmartThings Hub v.2. After the lastest two releases I have a very hard time including the Qubino Flush Dimmer ZMNHDD1. I have done a factory reset of both the ST Hub and also the dimmers but only one dimmer has been included into the network. Other units such as Greenwave Switch and Fibaro Wall Plug works great.

Aslo tried the custom device handler published here without success.

Any ideas how to work around this? I do not want to buy 10 new dimmers. :frowning2:

I figured it out after I read this article:

It took me about 2,5 hours - the Qubino Dimmers are a bitch to include to the Smartthings Hub. Hope Samsung fixes it soon…