Qubino Flush Dimmer: Reading Input1 switch

I’ve placed a Qubino dimmer neatly behind a wall switch. It is controlled by a Samsung Smartthings Hub V2. The wall switch is connected to Input1 of the dimmer so I can also switch the light on and off by using the switch.
I use the following Device Handlers:

  • erocm123 : Qubino Flush Dimmer
  • erocm123 : Contact Sensor Child Device

Everything works fine and I can configure all parameters.

What I want to do is to use the status of Input1 as a trigger for switching other devices (lights). So when I use the wall switch to switch off the (one) light any other devices (lights, dimmers etc.) will switch off too.

From the Qubino manual I understand that I can do that using Input2 or Input3. But can I also do that using Input1?