Push button does not dim Qubino Flush Dimmer


I have installed a Qubino Flush Dimmer (ZMNHDD1) behind a wall push-button.
I can control the dimmer with the SmartThings app. Switching on and off and setting a dimmer-value works fine with the app.

However, when I try to dim the light using the push-button (by holding the button for a couple of seconds), the dimmer does not respond. I can swith the light on and off with the push-button.

I have connected the output-wire from the push-button to Input1 of the Qubino. I have checked if all the parameters are set correctly.

I use the erocm123 device handlers: ‘Qubino Flush Dimmer’ and ‘Contact Sensor Child Device.’

What do I need to do to be able to dim the light using the push-button?

Thanks for your help!


That doesn’t support dimming from the attached switch. It only supports an attached toggle or momentary switch. No up/down connection. You should only connect a toggle or momentary switch to the relay.