Qubino 1D Relay not working in built-in SmartThings app (Android)

Currently I have a Qubino Z-Wave Plus Flush 1D Dry Contact Relay Module ZMNHND3 connected to my ST hub. I can get the relay to function correctly from both the web ST portal and the standard android application (Version 2.16.1). It will not work from the built in Samsung ST app on my S9. When I click to turn it on I receive the error “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.” Viewing my logs, nothing shows up for the relay. The other error with this relay appears repairing the zwave network, I’ll occasionally get the error “Network repair for relay [02]: failed to update mesh info”

Device Handler

Preferences for the relay:

    Name	Type	Value
    1	enum	1
    10	enum	255
    11	number	1
    110	number	0
    12	number	0
    120	number	0
    15	enum	0
    2	enum	0
    30	enum	0
    63	enum	0
    i2	enum	Disabled
    logLevel	enum	99

I don’t believe devices that use custom device handlers will work in the new app yet. You will need to control them with the classic app.


Ahhh! Thanks!

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