Problems after update - Qubino


I have a a HUB that was updated to the last version of firmware 000.022.00013, and stopped working with the Qubino Flush 1D Relay.

Everything was workin fine, until the last update. Now the router finds the Qubino, but it doesn’t allow to turn on/off.

Wend I make a Z-wave Network repair, I also get the same message:

(09): Faild to update mesh info.

(09): Faild to update route.

Does anyone else has the same problem?

Based on those messages, the hub is not finding the device, it just still has it in its device table from before the update. :disappointed_relieved:

You may need to exclude it and then add it back again.

Try doing a Z wave replace, that way you don’t have to change any of your Automations. Just replace it with itself.

Thanks for your help on this matter! But it still doesn’t work!

My Qubino is the version that works with 868,42 MHz. Do you think that this could be a problem?

The strange thing is that everything was working fine, until the update for the last firmware of the Hub.

I made several exclude and added the Qubino again, and the problem still remains!