Qubino 0-10V Flush Dimmer

I recently installed some 0-10V downlights in my house and also purchased a few of these flush dimmers from Qubino:

My electrician has been trying to get these to work but we’re not having any luck. I was able to see one of them show up in ST, but as a generic Zwave switch, not a dimmer. I’ve reached out to Qubino, and they gave me a link to a github file to create a device handler. Well I’ve entered it in, and re-paired it, but it still shows up as a generic switch. Is there a step I’m missing to tgell it it’s a dimmer?

And anyone have advice how to get this thing working? The LV wiring seems to work as they do dim, but to a set level with no adjustment. I’m assuming I’ll need a dumb dimmer for these and have the qubino control the light?

The smartest house has links to DHs:

I would compare to make sure it’s the same one you are using. Then from there you need to follow the last steps of these instructions to change the device type to your custom device handler:

I just finished installing one of these on a Artemide 0-10 v controlled LED light. Missed the requirement for 12-24v input, but repourposed a small 1A power supply that fit into the canopy along with the controller.

Had a couple setbacks with including the device, but once I published the Qubino handler to my hub, things started to get better.

I note that you have to set the parameters within the new handler so you have the control you want. I was able to set these from the mobile app so I knew I was getting there, but still no control.

The last thing I did that made this work was to reverse the 0-10 v control wires from the Qubino to the fixture… even though I followed the polarity on the power supply, these circuits can be “sinking” or “sourcing” and I had this set up wrong. Now working although I wish it was a bit “slower” on dimming.

Two things for confirmation:

After creating the custom device handler, did you publish it?

Assuming you did, try going to “Devices” on the webpage, select the Flush Dimmer, select “Edit” at the bottom and manually change it’s “Type” to the device handler you created.

I don’t personally have one of these devices, but that’s my best bet as to why it’s not working!


Could you please elaborate how to switch the source and sink mode on the Qubino unit? I am trying to use it with a 0-10v driver but the light doesn’t turn off, just remains very dim. I contacted the driver supplier and he explained that the Qubino unit is working in 1-10v instead of 0-10v mode which he described as sink and source mode. But I can’t find a way to switch the Qubino from sink to source mode.