Smart Things TV Routines Not Working

I recently got my new samsung TV set up with smart things.
I’ve managed to have everything connected and the direct controls work (on/off - volume - channels - ambient mode), but there’s been issues in regards to setting routines.

I’ve created a new routine, overriding the standard ones, set the times, dates and ambient mode settings that I’d like. It shows as saved on the TV as well as the smart things app. The routine is nominated as “On” in-app and on the TV as well, but nothing ever happens at the designated times. The TV remains “Off” until I manually switch it on with the remote or the app.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app and deleting the old routine, making a new one, but nothing seems to get the routine to start up automatically. Am I missing something?

Any help would be great!
TV Model No. QA55Q80AAWXXY

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I have the same issue with both of my 2021 Samsung televisions.

I have done all troubleshooting and factory resets a dozen different times.

SmartThings support is worthless and blames the TV’s. Both TV’s? I don’t think so.

My TV will click on for a split second at the start time, then powers off.

Routines worked for two days and has never worked since.

SmartThings is trash.

Is the tv using wireless connection or ethernet?