Unable to Upload photos to Samsung Q90T TV. Please help

Purchased my Samsung Q90T 55" 2 days ago. Have the SmartThings app, using it on my iPhone XR.
The problem i am having is not being able to upload photos (Ambient mode - My Album - Select photos), i receive a message saying 'ERROR, An error occurred with your mobile and TV devices.'
I spent three hours the first evening on Samsung live chat resetting the TV smart hub, deleting and reinstalling the SmartThings app many times, nothing worked. He said that completing these things usually solved the problem.
He suggested i borrow an android phone and try that, which I completed yesterday, still unable to load photos. I have been in contact with Samsung live chat for the third day running, I am waiting for another adviser to get back to me to see if they have any ideas. In the meantime they asked me to contact SmartThings support. I have sent them an email explaining everything and am waiting for their reply.
I thought someone in the smartThings Community may be able to help. I have disconnected the sound-bar so there is nothing attached to the tv (Steven_Pochop’s suggestion for uploading ambient mode background…although i can upload the background photo).
If anyone has an idea I would be grateful to hear, otherwise the TV will be heading back to John Lewis on Saturday. They have said they will replace it this once, but if it happens on the next tv i will have to go direct to Samsung. I purchased this TV as I wanted to upload photos so they could be viewed during the day rather than a black screen - The TV just does not do what it claims to!
Please help!!

same here.
What bugs me the most, I have no clue as what to do next. I think samsung assumes you have a samsung-device. Samsung Cloudservice same story: no way of uploading…

Hi Miesjel.

I still can’t upload photos either.

Neither SmartThings or Samsung live chat person contacted me, as they offered!

I did keep the TV as it seems to be a software problem rather than the TV being at fault, I am hoping that the app with be fixed.

I am upset as the TV STILL does not do what it should - upload photos on half (4 our of the 8) in the ambient mode / my album / Auto Gallery, Screen Photo, Mono and Board settings. However I can upload photos in the other frames: Ambient Mode / My Album / Mono Mat, Monthly Calendar, Daily Calendar and Duo.
As I can upload photos in these areas i cannot see that it can be a phone & Samsung compatibility issue, it must only be due to it not being set up correctly on those other settings for displaying our photos in Auto Gallery, Screen Photo, Mono and Board.
I would love for Screen Photo to work!

What is even more upsetting is how you just go round and round in circles with the Samsung support staff.
Please Samsung and SmartThings - Please support us!