GE Smart Dimmer Issues


I have installed my GE smart dimmer and I am getting the “blue” led to light up. Once I try to turn the lights on, however, i get nothing. There is another regular switch attached to the light and when I tried to turn the light on via that switch, the led lights flickered on and then off.

I have no ground, have a blue “hot” wire and a dark and light purple wire. ( Dark =load, light=neutral). I am not sure where to go from here.

Is this a three way setup? As in, two switches for one light? It sounds like that from your post…but you would need a traveler wire in there. Line, load, traveler, neutral, and ground. If you don’t have a ground, you might not have a neutral. Not that they are reliant on each other, but if a ground isn’t present, I would be surprised if they put a neutral in there. I could be completely wrong though. If this is for a three way setup, you would also need an add on switch, or wire the other switch to not be an interrupter, just a pass through. I don’t believe you can have a GE smart switch on a three way controlled light with a normal switch attached.

It does sound like you have a 3-way setup. You must replace both switches for a GE smart switch to work. The second switch needs to be an add-on paddle. See the FAQ.

Thank you both. I have 3 switches to that light so I guess I will have to add a few more dimmers to my shopping cart!

Make sure you get the add on switch not another dimmer. The add ons are like $15 to $20 and the full dimmer is $40.