Putting SmartThings Documentation on your Kindle

A couple of days ago, I tweeted about converting the SmartThings documentation to Kindle and Ben recommended that I share it, so here goes.

First of, you can find it under the resources tab here on the build site, or just follow the link:  http://build.smartthings.com/smartthings-documentation/

This will take you to the Google Docs share file. Click on the print icon or hit Ctrl+P. This will bring up you printer options, so select “print to PDF”, then save it as whatever you want the title to be. I decided on the very unoriginal “SmartThings Documentation” but considering how my 11 year old thinks SmartThings work, I could have called it “Magic”.

Now if you don’t know your personal Kindle email address, go to “Your Account” on Amazon, then select “Manage my Kindle”. On the left hand column, pick “Personal Document Settings” and that will display your address. It’ll look something like " first.last_06@kindle.com".

Email the PDF as an attachment to that address. The first time I did this it came through corrupted, and fixed it by doing the same process but sending it to xxxxx@free.kindle.com. I don’t know why adding the “free” in there helped, but it did.

Within minutes it will show up on your Kindle. And yes, it will sync across all your devices just like any other book.

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out the magic.


I don’t have a kindle, but nice share @Dan_Bramos!

Thanks, Garrett! Not even the kindle app on your iThing or other mobile device that your SmartThings control is running on?

That is true, I didn’t think about the Kindle app. I don’t have a ton of ebooks anyway, but now you’ve given me a reason to use it :slight_smile: