Integrate smart things into new development of tv box

We are working on smart home integration now. We want to include smart things as our smart home system.

But cant find source files to allow us to do this.

Can some one help please. We make software, hardware and sell worldwide

I assume you are looking for some sort of SDK?

With SmartThings you don’t need anything more than the ability to reach an HTTP endpoint. If your platform can connect to rest endpoints, you can integrate with SmartThings.

Take a look at building a web service SmartApp in the docs

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Yes I was looking for an sdk. could we do a skype call maybe ?

my skype is Ryan1digs

We make our device and software so we can do anything that is needed

Do you have the smartthings doc in Chinese ?

There is google translate, it can convert the docs from English into Chinese.

I would recommend you reach out to our partner support team. With a device like this, it might be better to work with us internally.

But like Jody said, you can do all of this today without any sort of “partnership”.

Here is a link to the translated Chinese documents using google translate.

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