How can I contribute to the SmartThings documentation?


As a newbie on here, I am finding out things that are not covered in the documentation and would like to contribute by making it easier for the next new user.

When I clicked on Edit on GitHub it gave a page not found error.

Could someone direct me as to contribute.


The documentation is officially released by SmartThings staff, it’s not a wiki. It’s never been well updated.

On the other hand, there is a community-created wiki and you are welcome to contribute to that anytime. :sunglasses:

I don’t know if there’s anything similar specifically for the developer community for the new architecture.

@jody.albritton might know.


I have raised a support ticket and will let you know.


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Our documentation is continually evolving. If you have suggestions or corrections today, we use Markdown for the docs. You can email your suggestions to I don’t know today if our docs will be in github again.