Pushing a National Weather Service notification through SmartThings to ActionTiles

Been playing around with the NWS api and thought it would be a fun little project to use it to push weather alerts, watches, and warning to SmartThings using a virtual switch. I then put that virtual switch into ActionTiles so that it shows a pulsating lightning bold on my wall mounted tablets to give me a visual notification in my house that a weather alert has been issued for my location
I’ll link the code to the python script I wrote and a quick README with some basic instructions below, but the gist is. I have a cron job running on my raspberry pi that runs every minute to grab active weather alerts from the NWS API. If an active alert is found, it sends a PUT request to a URL that is supplied by WebCoRE to turn on a virtual switch. If no active alerts are found, it sends a PUT request to another webcore URL to turn the switch off. Then I just have the switch displayed on my Action Tiles tablets and I have a up-to-the-minute visual queue to show any current alerts.

Here’s my repo GitHub - MABeatty1978/NWSWeatherAlert: Reads the National Weather Service API for current alerts and sends them to webcore to turn on and off a switch

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