For the first time, SmartThings beat the national weather service notification!

Since I moved to SmatThings, couple of years ago, one of the features I really wanted was on time weather alerts with sound and lights flashing red when severe weather alerts are issued. I have tried many apps with no success. Today, that has changed! Thanks to SmartThings scheduling that just works, coupled with the Weather Underground features and using EchoSistant Notifications, my Sonos were talking and the home turned red before I even got the email from the National Weather Service!

Push Notification…

Sms Notification…

Thank you SmartThings for being awesome!

Excellent! I love Weather Underground! Glad you got the notification!

Now stay safe! :cloud_lightning:

  • Nate
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I had three waves of really bad weather come through yesterday… My mom spent an hour programming the weather radio only to find out the local tower was down. She got a regular water report every hour, and every time the weather changed… Severe weather alerts to the phone and in the speakers…

It was awesome and really calmed her down!

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I live in Maine and we get quite a bit of snow/ice. I have been thinking about getting some stair treads that will melt the snow on the steps so we do not have to shovel. I would like to have an outlet that would turn on based on the weather notifications. Would this be possible?