Pushetta Integration

The short side of my house has a bunch of trees and wind so I opted to not use a motion activated camera and go AI. I’ve duplicated this GitHub project and it works great

The camera infers when it sees a human, saves a video on my Google drive and sends me a pushetta notification. I would like to complete the job and have Alexa do a verbal announcement too. Best I could muster was a button tied to a routine that is triggered by a core piston. Problem is that I’m using IFFT via an Android notification to trigger the button. Lots of moving pieces. Just wondering if anyone has another idea of how to integrate pushetta work smartthings.

Is there a way for that project to make a webcall? If it can then skip ifttt and call the core piston directly to make Alexa do the announcement, that is if you have the Echo Speaks app installed.

I do have echo speaks, however the authentication is currently busted so I need to create a new heroku app to fix it. In the meantime I’m using the cast-web-api running locally on a raspberry pi to make the google home sitting next to the alexa in the basement talk to each other. It’s a little wonky, but I need it to run Alexa Guard right now anyway.

There is a way to change the communication method, but it involves me going through 6 different python programs this kid wrote to rewrite it. Was hoping for a quick fix.