Alexa Notifications/Remote Control?

Hey Guys,

So, I’ve been super jealous of Google Home’s native TTS for unprompted notifications. I’ve been trying to figure this out for Amazon Echos, the only workaround I’d seen(possibly from here) was someone having a headset put on an echo dot to do control it.

I found this yesterday for Home-Assistant. It’s based off of a couple of other scripts, here and here. All of which stems from this blog…

Is it possible to use any of this and do a device handler/smartapp so we don’t have to set up an instance of Home-Assistant and then a MQTT bridge?

I could see the notification side being integrated into something like AskAlexa

I am by no means experienced enough to even begin trying to do this, but I sure hope this can get some gears turning!

Very interesting approach… Sreems like it might be possible from a smart app.

@MichaelS have you seen this?

I will look into it…