Push live camera feed to Echo?

Hi there! I think almost everybody in this community has security cam’s and Google or Amazon displays. Is there a way to push the stream from the cam to that displays when a motion is detected by the cam himself or an external sensor? Or a button is pressed? That could be a much cheaper solution than a dedicated video doorbell since the majority of cam’s have two ways communication.

It depends on the camera and the integration. For example if you’re using Foscam cameras you can see the live stream in the Classic ST app, if you have a MJPEG camera you could even send that stream to ActionTiles.

If you’re a Ring or SmartThings camera, that’s native integration for that in the new ST app. If it’s BlueIris it has it’s own ability to push streams.

So it comes down to the camera and what integration you’re using and what options it supports.