Notifications are no longer working

About 3 weeks ago all my notifications stopped working. The notifications history is blank, I have checked the settings for the iphone notifications, I have check in the ST app and they are turned on, I have turned them off, rebooted the Hub, I did get a notification when I updated my location, but nothing else. What could I be missing?

Notifications are working with my Android phone, so it might be an iOS app problem.

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I have been receiving my Friday cocktail hour notifications just like normal when my Friday cocktail hour Routine runs at 4PM on Friday’s. iOS 16.3 on a iPhone 14 Pro.

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Is it possible that you were using a custom smartapp for notifications? That could include the custom notifications in smartthings home monitor, “notify me when”, anything from from Rboy, or several others.

I ask because smartthings turned off the free groovy hosting cloud about 10 days ago, and so all of the custom code stopped working. And many people were using that for notifications.

Can you be more specific about exactly which notifications have stopped?

And here’s the thread that discusses the cloud shutdown,

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

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I used to use “notify me when” but that actually stopped working a long time ago. I really didn’t notice as the push notifications were working and I always thought the push notifications were coming from the smartthings app.

The pics following are for the iphone settigns and the ST app setting.

click on Filter in your first screenshot :slight_smile:

Could you give us a specific example of a missing notification? What events would cause it to be sent and what would the notification say?

they are all turned on.

any time a door opens, the smoke detector going off, siren. The notification would be a push from the smartthings app. it would show in notifications on my iphone.