Push notifications don't work on my Nexus 6

I have had a support ticket open for 2 weeks looking into this and nothing. I reset my phone to factory running stock rom and unrooted. Ever since I did that push notifications won’t work on my phone for this app. I installed Smartthings on my Nexus 9 tablet and they work fine. I saw an issue about users being logged into 2 places at the same time and push notifications stop so I logged out of that user on my tablet. Push notifications also work fine on my girlfriends s5.

Any ideas? I have logged out and logged back in with a capital letter in my name, I have cleared the app data and cache and even reinstalled the app. I checked the interruptions section in Lollipop settings and added Smartthings app as a priority to always show their notifications. Just for kicks I disabled the interruptions section.

Each time you factory reset your phone or install a new rom you must add the phone as a Presence device again. I don’t understand the security details but your phone is identified with a long string of characters in the IDE. This changes when you reflash your phone.
The pain in the a$$ part is you will eventually need to remove you “old” phone from all the apps and add your “new” phone to each app.

Since I’m a crack flasher with my Nexus 6 I have done this a few dozen times.


I flashed to a stock ROM from the developer site for Project Fi. It is a pain but the phone was readded as a presence sensor. The presence sensor does work but notifications do not. At the moment, I have to have everything text me. Notifications work fine on my girlfriends phone of course.

To get notifications on Android I had to add my email manually to my contact info and then delete the duplicate email. It will then offer you the push notification option. I had to do this for all my ST contacts.

I, also, have the N6 and flashed the latest Fi rom…notifications work fine for me. Do you not see the notification check box on your contact info when making the choice?

The latest update I did took my contacts section away in the app. So I can’t edit contacts. Go figure. Support emailed me stating they removed Contacts from the app because there was an issue but they will add it back very soon. I am stuck with Text Message updates for time being.

That’s weird…I have the latest Android build 2.0.2 and my contacts are there. Plus they are there on my families 3 other phones?

What the heck? I am on 2.0.2 as well and I don’t have any options for contacts. I recall it there in the past. Riley from support said they took it away because of problems. Can you post a screen shot?

I checked on my tablet and found the contacts section. I added my name as a contact but it didn’t fix the issue :frowning: This is driving me nuts.

I would clear the app data/cache, reboot and log back into a fresh version of the app. My setup is working better than ever with Hub V2. All my notifications, presence (4 phones), and lights work almost instantaneously. I’ve moved all my lighting stuff over to the SL app so I guess it’s running locally?

Wow. Hub 2.0 should be here tomorrow. I can’t wait to have my lights work instantly with motion. My girlfriends Samsung S5 doesn’t have the contacts but my Nexus 9 Tablet did. My Nexus 6 did not either. I have not only cleared the cache but uninstalled and reinstalled. I logged off my tablet just to make sure there was no mixups. I am now in the contacts for Push and text and I still don’t get them for some reason. Every other app works fine with push notifications. I don’t get it.

Saw my contacts push notifications had a capital A for my email address so I logged out and logged back in with a capital A in my email address. I then noticed my phone no longer worked as a presence sensor. I removed it and readded. All works!!!

I have had the same problem on my S5 since the new App launched… no push notifications. I was able to get text notifications by using the My Contacts feature, but support told me that there was an issue with that feature (apparently it was released “prematurely”) and they removed it from my account. They advised that my push notifications would work again once My Contacts was deleted. No such luck.

Now I have no notifications… I understand that support has been very busy but I haven’t been able to get a response or an update in the past week…

Just followed the suggestion to clear cache and data… voila! Push notifications are working again!

Thanks… wonder why support didn’t suggest that…