Push notification when a SmartApp runs

Is there a way to get push notification simply when a SmartApp runs? For some of my SmartApps, I’ve had to implement virtual switch workarounds with CoRE but a simple notification when a SmartApp executed would be more efficient.

Which SmartApp(s)?

You can easily add push notifications to the code of every SmartApp you are interested in. There is no way to do this globally.


Thanks @tgauchat. I’m looking to add push notifications for my “Laundry Monitor” and “Smart Lighting” SmartApps. I’m glad there’s a way at least. I just need to figure out where in the SmartApp code to add it from the docs link you sent.

Look for the names of the callback methods specified in the subscriptions. Most SmartApps are triggered by a subscription (or schedule). Add your Notification inside the target callback methods.

The “Smart Lighting” SmartApp was from the ST Marketplace and not published by me, so I could not modify the code in IDE to include push notifications. I guess using CoRE piston for lighting is the alternate way of doing this.

Yup. Originally, SmartThings published nearly all of the SmartApp and Device Type source code, so you could copy, modify, and run your own version That stopped after Samsung acquisition.

Now you have start from scratch… or WebCoRE!