Notifications not showing in app

I’ve searched to see if this has already been addressed somewhere but I haven’t found it. I have a Webcore piston running that alerts me when my sump pump goes off (by reading the power in a smartplug). The piston sends a push notification and stores in messages. This has been working fine for over a year now.

However, recently, even though my phone gets a notification, I no longer can see those notifications in the Smartthings app. My Notifications tab is empty, so if I don’t see the notification right away, I miss it.

I’ve updated my app and Smartapp, but I can’t get it to work.

I completely agree with this post. any notification generated by webcore and stored in messages is no longer showing in the smartthings app. Has anyone resolved this yet?

I would not count on anyone resolving this issue. The developer and others who worked on it have left. Plus with groovy ending at some point then that will be the end of webCoRE on the ST platform.

I guess that’s disappointing. My primary motivation to moving to SmartThings was to remotely monitor my sump pump activity. WebCore lets me send myself a notification every time it activates. If that won’t happen in the future I should probably look for an alternative. Is Hubitat basically the only option or is there some other way to do this with SmartThings ?

Have you tried Automations? You can also look at Rules API.

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I have to admit I haven’t been keeping up with the new features. Automations looks promising. I just set one up that should be able to do mostly what I want. Thank you

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