PSA: Found a Correctable Issue with ST Controlling LIFX Devices

Thought I would share this for folks that are using SmartThings to control your LIFX devices:

While making some changes to my WiFi at the house, I noticed that LIFX devices had doubled up inside of my ST App. (2 Couch Lamps, 2 Kitchen Accents, etc.) One of the duplicates was marked as offline, the other was active and working.

Naturally I assumed this was the result of my wifi tinkering. Spent 24 hours pulling my hair out (well, I’m bald, but you get the idea), going back and forth between my router, LIFX app,, ST App…etc etc etc…

I wish I was thinking clearly enough to do a screen grab of this before I corrected it, but…I eventually noticed in the portal, that under the Applications tab on that portal, there were two entries for SmartThings. One that had the old (pre-edge) SmartThings logo that showed me having established it 4 years ago, and a second one with the correct ST Logo showing me having established it today. (It shows today, because I unauthorized and re-authorized my ST<->LIFX connection a few times to try and clear up the duplicates.)

At any rate, I unlinked the application authorization with the old ST logo, and the duplicates disappeared.

It had apparently been in that state for a very long time (at least since ST changed it’s architecture and maybe as long ago as when they changed their logo) - and I just never found it because I rarely go to the portal. I suspect that this dual authorization has been causing mystery issues for me over the years I couldn’t ever track down.

It looks like LIFX never did any sort of update on their end to their authorization system when ST changed their architecture recently. So, if you folks are having weird, untraceable issues with your LIFX-ST connection, go and check out and see if you have two auth entries for SmartThings in there.