Basically no automations work after I "upgraded" from the classic app.. options?

My home setup had been basically perfect with the classic app, for 4+ years. Every since I was forced to upgrade last summer, I might as well not have smartthings as nothing works properly. Even the absolute bare minimum, having things turn on or off when I get home, have failed to start since the forced upgrade.

Do I have any options here other than deleting all my smartapps/automations and starting from scratch?

Have you reached out to support? Do you have any custom device handlers and SmartApps? What devices aren’t working? What SmartApps do you have that aren’t working?


It’s really too much to list off, but yes, I had several custom handlers loaded from the IDE.

As far as automations, here’s perhaps the most frustrating example:

I have an Iris z-wave garage door opener which has worked fine for years. I had routines set up prior to the upgrade where it would close the garage door when I left the house (prior to smart home monitor arming the ‘alarm’) and then another routine set to run when I returned home. The built-in “I’m back” would set the SHM to disarm/home and open the garage door and unlock the entry door. The alternate routine would turn on the lights if the house was in “away” status and set to home/night as appropriate. Post-upgrade, a new automation to close the garage door runs sometimes but the automations for returning home do not run, ever. I have the ST widget set up on my home screen and can manually run those routines, so they do work. They just never are triggered by mobile presence, ever. I can sit in my driveway for 15 minutes, connected to my wifi (which used to be the failsafe that would always work even if mobile presence bugged out).

I’m not really frustrated enough to contact support (honestly I didn’t expect they’d help me since I’ve been using this for years), mainly was just whining and figuring someone would tell me “yeah, you gotta nuke it, sorry.”

You’re going to want to revisit each one to make sure it’s been updated for the new app, or at least to open/save/publish again because sometimes they go “stale” (search the community for reasons why).

If you can revert back to a stock handler you may be better off, especially if the DTH you’re using hasn’t been updated, or won’t be updated, for the new app.

If you let SmartThings “convert” your old Classic Routines, Scenes, and SHM custom rules, then you will definitely want to revisit all that because they would have been separated into Automations, Scenes, or gone altogether. SmartApps should be fine, like Smart Lighting, but you need to revisit those too.

Personally I’d start all over again with Automations and Scenes. Your devices and rooms are fine, so don’t nuke those. That’s what I did.

Regarding your mobile presence, did you go into the new app and make sure everything is good with “get your location from this phone”?

Again personally, I’d remove any mobile presence device and start over. The new app does things differently than Classic.

This “upgrade” process was definitely not perfect, and you’re not alone. If you search the community you will find many others having the same experiences as you, along with their solutions.

Not knowing enough about your ST setup and environment, my advice would be to:

  • do not remove your devices or rooms
  • remove and start over again getting your mobile phones working as presence sensors
  • revisit your custom DTH’s and every device to make sure they work and are using either a current custom or stock DTH
  • revisit SmartApps and make sure they work
  • revisit Automations and Scenes and make sure those work (especially after fixing mobile presence)
  • revisit STHM (replaced SHM) and make sure all that looks good