Prompts before automating?

I’d like for my automation/routines to be able to prompt me before executing or continuing. Is this possible? For example, when I “arrive” it would nice if asked me “Open the garage door?” instead of just opening it.


How about have your notifications with your phone and have Alexa or Google home open your garage? I could do this with my pixel and Google home but I like to automate things without my doing.

Yes, that’s what I’m looking for. A simple Yes or No pop up query. That way I could program against it. Different lights for different responses.

I’m just going to have to get in the habit of making sure my iPhone is plugged in in the car so I can use Hey Siri instead.

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Why not just press that button in the car that opens the door… That’s automatic right?


That’s so 2010 “automatic”

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Lol… I know right!

Such a comic. The whole point is I have more than one path when I return home. Eventually, we’ll get there where Siri or Alexa asks me a question at the appropriate time and responds accordingly to my answer. For now, I need a ST or Wink compatible outside motion sensor flood. Then perhaps I can codify my arrival and react accordingly to which motion sensor trips thereafter.

Wait until you see the new EchoSistant… It’s not just for text to speech anymore!

Yeah, I think that would be an issue for a few of my family members who live “in the country”. My aunt lives like less than 1/8 of a mile from my mom and they constantly drive by/near their own homes going to each other’s.

When will this be released?

We are in private testing now and progressing nicely. No date of release, but it’s not going to be a long time, I’d say a couple of weeks at most.

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So I skimmed through the pages of installation… should I wait? I really don’t want to do this twice. I killed most of day getting Ask Alexa up and running, so I’m sure those lessons learned will speed things up – but no sense in going down that road if I’ll need to do it all over. Thank you. Sounds incredible.

I honestly recommend waiting. The current version is great, but if time is an issue, wait for version 4. It will be worth it.

If you’re on android, this is what I used for door/garage prompt.

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