Google Home - User Input

Hi All,

I’m just wondering if google can be prompted to ask a question. I did try this else where but got no response, maybe i’m asking in the wrong location.

For example, a user walks into a room or motion is detected, google then asks a question to the user in anticipation of a response. To which it acts upon.

Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Not that I’m aware of. There is no current way to send a command to Google Home.

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Thanks for your response.

I’m surprised that there isn’t more interest to this topic, unless everyone just know it’s a crazy idea!

I like this idea! I think it could be done on an android phone that supports google assistant. You could use tasker, sharptools, and autoinput plugin to say a phrase when motion is detected in the room “welcome to the room how can I help you” then autoinput could launch google assistant and the phone would be listing for a command. Ill have to play around with it this weekend.

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That’s great thank you, I’m very new to smartthings but if I can help let me know!

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I believe it is possible … but very complex … you’ll want to look into google actions which will lead you into and maybe some ifttt …