Prompting for Smart Home Alarm to be Armed Automagically?

I use the Smart Home Alarm pretty heavily. Unfortunately, I often forget to arm my alarm.
What would be nice is after sensing inactivity in the house (via monitoring of motion alarms) and/or seeing one’s phone as a presence sensor not located in the house if one could get a prompt on your phone asking 'It appears you are not at home, would you like to arm you alarm … Click Yes or No.

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You can create two routines that both set your Smart Home Monitor (I’m assuming that’s what you’re referring to) to armed, with your motion sensors or presence sensors as triggers for each routine.

There are many options for having the system arm itself based on specific events, such as arming itself when you leave the house because your phone goes out of range or arming itself after a certain period of inactivity. The simplest would just be to use a routine.

Are you asking if instead of automatically having it arm itself you could have it just send you a notification so that you yourself could choose whether to manually arm it?

If so, you should also be able to do that, but it will probably require using webcore:

How would you go about the Yes/No “prompt” from within a WebCoRe Piston?

There’s no prompt. Just a notification, then you can arm SHM (or not).

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You need to ask the webcore experts, I don’t know if you can get a yes/no option. But you should be able to get a message/notification, and then you could hit a separate widget to arm the system or just use the app in the usual way.

Got it.

It would be neat to have some prompt capabilities within WebCoRE / the SmartThings App so you save the step of opening the app and flipping a swith, but I do not think thats possible or it would be complicated to build


Yep, I wanted to see if there was a prompt capability as that would be ideal from an interface perspective.

Not the way the ST app is currently designed (and I doubt that’s a function that even WebCoRE could add).

You can create an automation based on those conditions you mention that arms SHM, or an automation that sends you a notification.

You can use tasker and sharptools to display a prompt and have ST react to your selection.