Smart disabling of Security?


I’m new to SmartThings, so please forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong section.

I recently picked up a hub v2 and setup some motion sensors, door sensors, and a few other things. I’m still tweaking things to get them how I want them.

One scenario I was trying to account for was the following. There are multiple people in my house and I’m using cell phones to track their presence. At night, I usually set the security to Armed (Home). If someone is out of the house I’d like it to do the following:

-If Security is Armed Home and not everyone is home then
-when person arrives home change security status to disabled for X minutes (to allow person to enter the house)
-After X minutes change the security status back to Armed (Home)

Does something like this already exist? I tried searching for something similar but didnt have much luck. I’m also assuming something similar can be done with IFTTT, but I’d rather not use that if there is a built in option.


You could do it but you have to use a smartapps called CoRE. Read up on it and plenty of people willing to help with CoRE.



There are several different ways to do this, but at this point, I would just second @Navat604 's suggestion of Core. :sunglasses:

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Also, you might be lucky in that your mobile presence sensing works very well for everyone in your household. But if your mobile presence detection is like most people’s, it’s sometimes unreliable and you could end up with your alarm going off at night because ST fails to recognize a user’s phone was within the geofence so your alarm doesn’t get disabled when the door opens. Just FYI.

Thanks guys, I’ll take a look at CoRE.

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You could just as easily do this in a routine. I have a routine for Night and Goodnight. The system changes to Night routine at sunset. When I go to bed I set the system to Goodnight, If someone were to arrive via presence sensor then the system changes back to Night Routine. Now within in my Goodnight routine, there is an option at the bottom. After X amount of minutes of no activity then Set Goodnight routine. Activity is determined by my motion sensor. Then the system is armed again. Also if I forget to arm it, it will do so after X amount of minutes of no activity. I restrict this activity to Night Mode only.