Projector Screen - Which ones will work?

Hi all so I have taken a look at the custom device handler list but I can’t see any project screens on there:

Can anyone suggest a projector screen that I can control with ST or suggest a way that I can get a screen and swap out the relay or something like that? Someone must have done this before…


  1. If projector has RS-232 serial port (old technology, but still common), then it is a pretty easy Arduino project; if you want to tinker with hardware. That’s how mine works. I’m still using Thing Shield (no longer sold by SmartThings :cry:).

  2. If it has 12 volt trigger input (also very common), you could just plug a 12v power DC transformer into any smart outlet, and run the 12 volt output to the trigger input.

  3. If it has Ethernet/LAN/WiFi connection, then a Device Type Handler can likely be written to send the message via “Hub Action” commands; except there is no support for Telnet. In this case, Arduino or Pi could bridge the gap.

Ooops… My answers were more about Projectors, rather than Screens.

  • if it is radio controlled, you can use Arduino with a 433Mhz or ummmm… 328Mhz (whatever the common lower frequency is) to activate. My Projector Arduino does both the projector and the screen.

  • if it just has relays, you can drive a relay with 12 volt DC power transformer wall wort plugged into a SmartOutlet. Two may be required (up and down). Or use Arduino or ESP to control the two relays.

iIf it’s IR just use a Harmony.

If it’s RF like mine I just used a IR/dual relay(search the forum and full details are posted) and wired it into the remote or control box. Harmony has built in codes so it’s a breeze and only cost like $20 for the relay.

Or click here.

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