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(Mark B) #1


I did a quick search and could not find the answer.
I have a motorized screen that uses IR, has anyone been able to set it up to be used with ST?
I would like something like “Alexa watch a movie” then the screen would drop down and lights would dim.
the lights are working to what i need thats no issue but I do not know how to set up the screen.

And then the reverse to get the screeen to go up when done.


(Edward Pope) #2

You could check to see if Logitech Harmony hubs support your screen, if so that would be one way to make this happen

(Jason) #3

This, Even if the screen is not “official” with Harmony, You should be able to teach the command to it via the screens remote.

Now how you get the ir to the screen will depend on the harmony hub / remote you get. I think that only the Harmony touch screen remotes also send ir signals so if you have one of those you shouldn’t have a problem. Otherwise with the home/smart control remotes only the hub and it’s ir extenders send signal.

Hope that helps,

(Bernie H) #4

I’m just setting up my projection screen and Harmony. Either way will work: 1 check and see if Harmony already has a code or 2: just set up a new device and teach it the code.

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(Jason) #5

Here is harmony’s instructions on teaching a missing command.


(Mark B) #6

I already have a high end remote just was hoping I could do this another way without buying a newer remote etc.

Guess either I go harmony or just use the second control for the screen.

Thanks to all for the replies

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

I used a Smart Shield (Thing Shield) with Arduino and $12 433mhz chip (my screen came with both IR and RF remotes… Before using the IR chip I actually soldered a low voltage relay to the remote control contacts… That worked just fine too, but was a bigger mess of wires.

Since I have the Arduino there anyway, I added a RS-232 connection to my Projector so SmartThings (and Echo and SmartTiles) can turn it on/off safely and even adjust the setting (day mode vs night mode).

It all wasn’t as hard as it sounds… Very high Spouse Acceptance Factor payoff!

(Ben W) #8

Probably can create a virtual switch that will fire off a rule. Alexa helper may be a good place to start. Since the screen is IR you will need something to pass the command to IR.

(Jason) #9

you can pick up the harmony hubs for around 50-60 on fleabay - I don’t think that would be out of line for automating something…

Plus it wouldn’t mean you would have to switch the rest of the stuff to it. and might have more integration options. There is an article I found where someone extended the ir blasters over 100’ and I will be moving some equipment into my basement based on that so I can easily tie the same DVR to two different sources.

Perhaps you have another room that doesn’t have a ‘high end remote’ that you could get the hub for and use one ir lead to go to the other area.

(Michael Hess) #10

Even with that, adding a harmony hub can open up a world of other possibilities. If your existing remote works with ST, then it will also work with harmony on the back end.

You could also get a zwave relay and have it trigger the screen with a bit of wiring…

(Mark B) #11

Thanks again everyone
I am interested in the zwave relay I will definitely look into that.
And the hub since lots of you guys seem to like it.